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North Lake Garda is famous all over the world for its numerous routes, for all types of bikes, suitable for all types of sportsmen. Ask at the reception, we will be able to give you useful informations (also for vehicle rentals)

Water Sports


Around the world, Lake Garda is sailing. Here the national teams of wind surfers and Olympic boats from all over the world train. You can sail with instructors or, if you are already skilled, rent anything you please



The cliffs of Arco are known all over the world and the mild climate of our area allows you to train 10 months a year. For the 2 cold months we have indoor gyms



From almost sea level (this is why our area is called in dialect "la Busa", the hole) you can walk towards the sky reaching altitudes in a few hours that will allow you to enjoy Lake Garda from above ... and to be enchanted.
Recommendations: Riva-Torbole lakeside promenade, Ponale, Busatte-Tempesta path, Punta Larici, San Pietro Refuge, Monte Stivo, Altissimo Refuge

Visit Riva del Garda


Riva is a jewel! just 3 km from Visioni, stroll through its downhill streets, immerge yourself in the walking crowd, enjoy an aperitif in one of the many bars, or a good ice cream that we exported to many Austrian and German cities many years ago. Every hour of the day and night Riva is different

Visit Arco


Arco is Habsburg, Arco is Sissi!  5 km from Visioni, a Liberty jewel with its mild climate that made it a health center a century ago and still as of today. But Arco is above all the homeland of climbing. Walk downtown and you'll understand why.
Do not miss the Arciducale park and the Castle with its view, as well as the river park on the Sarca where on very hot days you can cool off in the crystal clear water under the cliffs ...

Visit Torbole


Torbole, 7 km from Visioni, is small and wonderful, full of young surfers, where the wind always sings, where young people populate the streets and beaches until late at night. Do not miss the Busatte Park where the panoramic path towards Tempesta starts. There is also an adventure park in the trees here

Visit Dro and "Le Marocche"


Dro is a delightful medieval village north of Arco (11km from Visioni). It is famous for plums, the Roman bridge over the Sarca (where you can watch crazy people jumping into the Sarca) and the unique geological phenomenon in the world of the so-called "marocche". A huge landslide of post glacial origin, a "lunar" perspective not to be missed

Visit Canale and Lake Tenno


Lake Tenno (7 km from Visioni) has a color that remains in your soul after seeing it. It is suitable for swimming and has beaches. From there take the path towards Canale di Tenno (10 min on foot); it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. You will dive into the pure Middle Ages

Visit Lake Ledro


Lake Ledro (11 km from Visioni) is a true alpine lake. It is suitable for swimming and has beaches, a beautiful cycle path that surrounds it and nice restaurants on its banks. The museum of stilts is famous. If you are fit or with an e-bike you can get there with a wonderful cycle path from Riva (the Ponale) and if you are crazy continue to the Pernici refuge

Visit Malcesine


Malcesine (20 km from Visioni) is on the east shore of the lake, no longer in Trentino but in Veneto. Dominated by the huge Monte Baldo that rises sweet and green above it . Stroll through Malcesine and visit the castle. Take the rotating panoramic cable car that will take you to the top of Mount Baldo with a breathtaking view. From Navene, north of Malcesine, a magnificent cycle path starts that reaches Castelletto di Brenzone in the south. To try!!

Visit Limone


Limone (13 km from Visioni), on the west coast, no longer in Trentino but in Lombardy, is unique. It looks like a town on the Amalfi coast. As its climate is so mild that plants from southern Italy grow there, especially, as the name implies, lemons. From here starts a spectacular cycle path attached to the rocks and suspended above the lake


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